Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs

Wedding Photography  FAQs


What time should we schedule our Wedding Ceremony?

I ask my clients to be aware of what time the sun sets on their wedding day. The ceremony should begin at least 2 hours prior to the sun setting as after the Ceremony the bridals, bridal party and family portraits will be covered. If you do a First Look then the bridal, bridal party and family portraits can be covered prior to the Ceremony and the Ceremony can start 1 hour before sunset.

What’s a “first look” and do I need one?

A first look is simply a choice to see each other before the ceremony, and have the flexibility and freedom to take all of your wedding party and/or family photos ahead of time. We highly encourage a first look a this will allow you more time for your important photos, and to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests. If you are using a videographer it is definitely recommended to have a first look.

How do I book my date? What is the payment schedule?

We require a signed contract and 50% retainer to secure your date. All of this is done conveniently online, where you are able to access all of your pertinent wedding information. We accept all credit/debit cards for your retainer. Your 2nd payment of 25% is due 2 months before your date and the final 25% is due 2 weeks before your date.

How many images can we expect?

For an 8-hour wedding, you can expect to receive about 600 photos. Depending on how many hours of coverage and if you have a 2nd photographer, you can expect to receive 50-75 images per hour. Do you travel? Absolutely! We love to travel and we will customise your quote so you don’t need to worry about additional expenses afterwards.

When will we receive our photos?

In our contract, we state to allow 6-8 weeks to receive all of your finished images. Though this can fluctuate to be much sooner than that, too. If you purchased an album, we will begin the design of your first proof right after we have released the online gallery to you, in order to expedite the album design process for you. Most couples will have their albums within 3 months from their date, though this is highly dependent on your design requests and length of time to submit approval.

Why do you use film?

Our style is romantic and natural, while aesthetically soft and dreamy. Film achieves the results we are looking for in our fine art portraits. Besides that magical quality of exposing an image on a negative and waiting for it to be developed into a tangible photograph, it possesses even more magic in the way it renders light. Simply, film creates the images we love.

So then why do you shoot both film & digital formats?

We are able to understand and appreciate each format for its greatest strengths, and use them appropriately. Film is fantastic for our fine art portraits and details, and especially when there is an abundance of natural light. However, digital cameras are great for faster paced scenarios and low lit scenes.

How will this effect the delivery of my images?

It won’t! You will receive your film and digital images through your online gallery in a digital format at the same time. How do I order prints? When your images are completed, they are hosted in a private online gallery for easy viewing and ordering. You can share this link with your guests for them to place orders, as well as place orders for yourself.


Wedding Videography FAQs


What is the Cinematic Wedding Film?
The Cinematic Wedding Film is a carefully and creatively edited short film which incorporates music, speeches and natural sound for full effect.

What is the Documentary Wedding Film?
This is a compilation of all our footage. We edit this footage so that you have a record of the day’s events. You will have your vows, speeches (and other important events) in full. The Documentary Wedding Film is edited in chronological order and uses mainly natural sound with music in some parts.

Can you record the audio from our vows and speeches?
Yes. We use independent sound recording equipment and wireless microphones to capture your vows and speeches. Unlike onboard microphones (the ones attached to the camera), our equipment records sound in broadcast quality. We can record sound in outdoor locations (with no access to power) or in venues with no PA system.

Can I choose the songs for my wedding film?
Yes! You can choose all of the songs, just some of the songs, or leave the song choice entirely up to us! However we do ask that you give us some variety in the music (eg. love songs, upbeat songs, slower and faster tempo songs).

When will I receive the final product?
This takes approximately 12 weeks from the date we have all the necessary files (including your song choices).

What happens if after I make an enquiry, someone else enquires about the same wedding date?
Due to the volume of enquiries that we receive, we regret that we cannot hold the date for you without a deposit.

I’m very interested in your wedding packages. How do I book?

Book here! Alternatively if you just need some questions answered, please call or email us and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.


And lastly….
What makes us different?
Tina Foster Photography & Film is a boutique wedding photography & film company. Our focus is on providing the best wedding film and photography experience. We work with a small team of dedicated crew and give every wedding as much attention to detail as we can.